You can import default image of a product with CSV import but you cannot import the cover image. For exemple, it is very important to select a good bunch of images of products with different colors. If you sell T-shirts and all the cover images show white T-shirts your webshop will lack of identity.

The easiest way is to import the default image and use a SQL request to set the same cover image than the default image.


  • So first of all, you need to have set all the default image in your catalog. you can do this automatically by importing a CSV file.
  • Open your database (for example by phpMyAdmin)
  • Create backup of your database for safety (export data and structure)
  • Open SQL tab and perform queries from this file (change ‘ps_’ to your prefix):

5. It is done, the cover images will match the default images!



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3 commentaires

hrcv · 10 novembre 2020 à 17 h 08 min

How can this be done in a Multi-Shop Scenario?

    admin · 13 novembre 2020 à 14 h 50 min

    Hello, thank you for your comment 🙂
    It works with Multi-Shop, I already use it with three shops instances.

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